Keiichi Kasaya

An uncle of the sixtieth birthday pass of ski for reki more than 50 years.

It fits into the thing which gets exercise (I ski in particular.)

A positive instructor experiences a bubble economy and falls into a race after that by an associate instructor and 32 in 29, and an owner of JR racing team is coaching at present.

A ski shop (It's tuned up and it's sold mainly and it's rented.) is also managed in Nagano-shi.

Inhabitant of a prefecture comes to Nagano, and still has bewilderment in approximately 20, but the nature is best!

I have settled at last.

When I go to a city in now, the stress builds up.

Nagano is a place blessed with the various conditions here.

It was possible to start this business which was being heated up from 3 years ago at last.

I'd like to offer this pleasure to everyone much now, so please use it by all means.

Ian Davidson

■Age: 50 (!!)

■From: Toronto, Canada

■Lives: Nagano City, Japan

Hello. I have been skiing since the age of 3 and skiing Nagano since I was 23.

Where did the time go? Skiing, of course!!

With lots of North American and European experience, I have found the areas around Nagano to be comparable to anywhere in the world.

Apart from skiing and boarding there is a long list of fun activities to take part in here in Nagano.

Outdoor fun followed by visits to hot springs, great restaurants and beautiful temples with lots of cultural events and fun festivals await you here.

The green season brings you great cycling, river sports, hiking and golf and just about everything else for a fantastic vacation.

I look forward to introducing you to all that makes Nagano an amazing travel destination.


Hiroshi Suyama

40 was exceeded from Nagano-ken Obuse-machi.

Birth place-upbringing and skiing were slimy at the hill where I come down to a rice paddy from kindergartner's time in Nagano, but it's to the extent begun time isn't also remembered in the past too much, (^^;).

Summer was an athletic club and a sprinter and winter worked at the play ski part Alpine group, and school days appeared on an intercollegiate (all-Japan student ski championship) twice by the latter.

Oh, it was 3 part school and it wasn't advanced to the 2nd, so isn't a great one.

I get a job out the prefecture and make experience various work, and returns to Nagano.

Because it's away once, I notice Nagano's charm which is being seen much, and thinks "it's a good place as expected,-" sincerely.

The photograph of the face is canceled because it isn't the face the public can take out!

Bruise ari which is also slightly in a heart. Activity as a member in the organization isn't liked, but I'm thinking this work is for itself.

I'll wrestle to the utmost so that everybody can be glad as a staff of "ski house Nagano" and "ORAHO Nagano" now.

I think the fun collaboration which has no inn ski sightseeing and meal etc. by now will be considered one after another, and I'm carrying out with Mr. Kasatani and Ian.

Thank you.

Please even call a common name "Hiroshi".



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