Ski House Nagano Pamphlet

Your one stop ski shop for equipment, rentals and tuning in Nagano.
We have premium model ski equipment for sale and rental.
We have racing, big mountain, free ride and touring skis as well as kids equipment and demos.
Our tuning shop is fully equipped to do repairs and premium tune ups.

Rental Rates:Adults

Days Up to 2 pairs of skis Up to 3 pairs of skis Boots Poles
4500 yen / pair

4000 yen/ pair

4200 yen/pair

3700 yen/pair
1800 yen/day 600 yen/day
4200 yen/pair/day

3700 yen/pair/day

3800 yen/pair/day

3400 yen/pair/day
1800/day 600/day
3800 yen/pair/day


3500 yen/pair/day

3100 yen/pair/day
1600/day 500/day
3500 yen/pair/day

3200 yen/pair/day

3300 yen/pair/day

3000 yen/pair/day
1600/day 500/day
A: High performance, expert rentals.
B: Intermediate, advanced new models.
Note: Racing (GS, SL) skis are 500 yen extra per day.
Boots sizes are 23 to 32 cm.
Rental poles lengths are 95 to 125 cm.
If more than 4-day rental we will do one machine wax included in the price.

Junior Rentals

Days Rental set (skis, boots, poles) Skis only Boots Poles
1 3400 yen/day 2600 yen/day 1300 yen/day 500 yen/day
2-3 3200/day 2400/day 1100 /day 500 /day
4-6 3000/day 2300/day 1000 /day 400 /day
7 plus 2800/day 2200/day 900/day 400 /day
Rental skis: 110 cm to 160 cm
boots: 18.5 to 25 cm
poles: 70 to 105 cm.

◎Hours of Business:Rental pick up and return.
5-7 p.m. the day before.
7-9 a.m. same day.
Weekends and holidays please call or mail.
Late return charges apply.

Reserved rentals.

●You can reserve up to 10 days in advance.
●Reservations can be made by phone or e-mail.
●Payment by credit card is accepted.
●Skis are pre-tuned.
●We have many discount plans so please ask.
●We can take you to the ski area from our shop for a reasonable fee.

Tuning rates:
Waxing (machine) 500 yen
Hot wax 1000 yen
Side edge (machine) 1000 yen
Side edge (hand) 2000 yen
Full edge (hand) 3200 yen
Stone grind full tune 4200 yen
Full tune 6000 yen
Expert Tune 7000 yen

Contact information:

Ski House Nagano
3-25-38 Uematsu Nagano City, 380-0802
Tel. +81-26-219-3735/